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Frequently Asked

What about technical support after 1 month?

For 1 month after your purchase, we provide FREE support by phone, FAX or email. We support you while you install the product, get it networked so hundreds of users can access the data, and learn how to use it.

If you require support after the first 1 month, most don't, you can purchase 1 year of support by phone, fax or email for $199 or purchase "by the issue" for $75 per issue.

How do I upgrade to a larger version?

Just call and purchase it. We email you a small file that will make the upgrade.

Is there a penalty for purchasing a smaller version and upgrading to a larger version?

Yes, but a small one - $49. You can upgrade to a larger version at any time by paying only the difference in the price of the smaller one to the larger one +$49. We email you an upgrade file.

Can I import data?

Yes. Training Tracker has a built in import feature that allows you to import data about people (attendees) from an ASCII Text File. If your data is in Microsoft Excel you can save it as an ASCII Text file and import it into Attendance Tracker. If your data is in some other software it can usually be exported or saved as an ASCII Text file.

How many scanners do I need?

Generally one per session if they all start at the same time. If the sessions start on different days - just one scanner may work. If you have multiple entrances to the session room - perhaps one per door. If you use the "barcode sheets" printed by attendance tracker, then you might only need one scanner for 100's of sessions. Call us and we can help you decide.

Do I need any other software such as Microsoft Access?

No, we provide all the software for Attendance Tracker on a CD-Rom and one floppy disk.

Does Attendance Tracker work with other scanners?

If you have other scanners, for a fee, we can generally adapt our software to work with them. You will need to supply the scanner and documentation. Call us for more details.

I bought my scanner from another source. How do I get a software license for the scanner?

Depending on the model, you will either need to ship us the scanner or read us some numbers over the phone. We will send you a file by email. Call us for details.

Is there any charge for additional "users"?

No. You can install this software so that hundreds of users can share a central database and there is no extra charge.

How many users can log in and operate the software?

25 users.

How long does it take to install the software?

About 5 minutes.

What size computer do I need?

* Attendance Tracker Software runs on Windows XP, Vista, or 7
* Minimum processor is a Pentium 100mhz with 128 megs of RAM
* About 10 megs of hard disk space per 1,000 persons is required.
* It can be installed on a network and can support 255 users at no extra cost.

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