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When the conference is over,
do you know who attended?

When the meeting is finished, how long does it take to report attendance? Do you spend hours trying to figure out who was present at a seminar ? Wouldn't it be nice if you could scan barcodes and know who attended? Now you can!

How It Works   FREE Demo
  Attendance Tracker makes life easier

With Attendance Tracker you will be able to:

  • Print barcodes for each attendee
  • Scan barcodes of session/class attendees with mobile scanners
  • Upload the barcode scans at the end of each session
  • Immediately reivew built-in attendance reports
  • Export to Microsoft Excel® for further analysis
  • Import attendees from other software
  • Optionally assign attendees to sessions and report on absentees


  Bundled solutions save money

Our Attendance Tracker bundles will save you money. You'll get:

  • Attendance Tracker Software
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Label printing capability
  • 1 Month of FREE Support

For More Info - See Frequently Asked Questions or contact a service rep to start the order process.

  Make changes on
the fly

With Attendance Tracker, there is no need to wait until your conference is over to pull together attendance information. Why wait? Using Attendance Tracker during the conference will allow you to:

  • Repeat popular sessions
  • Move popular session to larger rooms
  • Determine where additional attention is required
  • Quality potential leads
  Attendance Tracker Exceeds Expectations

We tracked 1,300 people in 8 consecutive sessions using multiple scanners. We were able to get instant reports.

I cannot say enough about your support. With every question you were there for us helping
us find our way. With limited time to prepare, we could not have done it without you. I sing your praises to others and welcome you to use us as a reference.

Attendance Tracker works!

Terry S.
CCP Events | Atlanta, GA

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